Sunday, September 6, 2015

More on Obsidian

I didn't keep any of the obsidian that I found while hiking on the Obsidian Trail - it was all over the place but against the law to collect it - but it was very tempting.  I did take some photos of this amazingly cool mineral - black glass forged in the heart of a volcano.  It is shiny, sharp, and hard as flint.  I am convinced that some of the pieces that I photographed were shaped into tools by ancient people.  What do you think?

They had great trail signs here.  Back East, I am afraid that people would steal these.

In places, obsidian littered the ground for large parts of the trail.

See how smooth and shiny it is?

To me, each of these pieces look like they had been shaped into tools by humans long ago.  I guess an archeologist would know for sure.

This looks like a spear head to me.

Is this stuff cool or what?


  1. Yes, I agree it does look like it was shaped by man. It is so pretty. I looked on line and they sure do make jewelry out of it. I'll have to get some.

  2. It is wonderful stuff. If you get jewelry, send me a photo or post one on your blog Happy-K!