Monday, September 7, 2015

Ode to Obsidian Trail

Every night back at AMC August Camp, someone from each of the half dozen hikes would give a brief - well, usually they were brief - trip report, talking about what the hike was like.  During our last hike of the week, in my case the Obsidian Trail, hike leader Eva talked about how we should write an ode to obsidian.  It got the wheels turning, and I said I could probably write a verse or two that whoever did the trip report could include.  Eva said "Why don't you just do the trip report?"  So as we hiked along, I started thinking about what I might want to say and how to get it into verse.

Back at camp, we learned that there would be no trip reports that night, because of the "Follies," which is the end of each week of camp's talent show.  So after thinking it over for a few seconds, I had a leap of faith that I could write something before the Follies and present it there.  I took a shower, and then spent about a half hour after dinner scribbling something out, and here is the result.  I read it at the Follies - which were excellent by the way: a lot of talented singers, musicians, and story and joke tellers, and even a funny mime act on sleep deprivation.

"Ode to Obsidian Trail"

Eleven hit the Obsidian Trail
Energized, with such wide smiles
We had a great time, without fail
On this lollipop of a dozen miles

Obsidian’s volcanic glass
It’s hard as flint and black as jet
This hike is one you should not pass
This trek is one you’ll ne’er forget

We climbed about 2,000 feet
Through forest, meadow, lava field
The air was cool and damp, yet sweet
We layered up, from chill to shield

Around midday, our merry bunch
By waterfall and rocks of pumice
Pulled out our sandwiches for lunch:
Turkey, ham, cheese, tuna, hummus

As far as wildlife on our day
The highlight was a yellow marmot
We met no harm, but sad to say
I’m pretty sure we did alarm it

Through open glen we softly tread
When we all spied two glacial tarns
So unexpected that I said
“What lovely lakes!  Well, I’ll be darned!”

My week here is near a close
This hike today was quite the champ
A fitting last hike that I chose
To end my week in August Camp!

Yes, eleven hiked the Obsidian Trail
A little piece of Oregon heaven
With one last fact, I’ll end my tale:
How many returned?  Why, all eleven!

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