Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Am I?

Here is the fourth "guessing game" series for the creatures I saw during Sunday's hike in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  This one should be easy for you, because this guy likes to be noticed!

If you walk near a marsh at all
You're likely to detect my call

Melodious yet kind of harsh
It carries well across the marsh

I often cling high to a reed
Trying to call a mate to breed

My feathers are the blackest jet
All over chest and back, but yet

There are two colors in my name
And one of them is like a flame

For, as if to make me bolder,
A fiery patch adorns my shoulder

My mate however is quite drab
As I her love attempt to nab

And though you notice as I sing
What caught your eye's my flashy wing

you got
this one!
to see
the answer!

So tell me now, what's the good word?
Did you just guess red-winged blackbird?


  1. I got this one. Maybe because I had just seen one this morning. I love these birds.

  2. I also love nature and birds. Is that the natural colouration of that bird?

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  3. They are a cool bird, are they not? I love the fiery flash the male gives, and I love hearing their calls. Always makes me think "wetlands!"