Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Am I?

Here is the fifth and last of my "What Am I?" series for creatures seen during my hike a week ago in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  See if you can guess what this animal is.

I'm found along the shore and beach
Where things I need are in my reach

Perhaps you're guessing tall giraffe?
On sandy beach?  Now, there's a laugh!

No, I'm a bird, and not so tall
In fact, I am a type of gull.

My belly's white, while grey's my back
My head's covered with hood of black

I have a rather reddish bill
Of anything, I'll eat my fill

My name comes from my raucous cry
Which rings across the sapphire sky

How well so far are you fairing?
You must know my name's not herring.

You know I'm not the great black-back
Not with my lovely hood of black

If the answer you can't coerce
A clue's concealed in second verse

Enough clues
for you!
to see
what I am!

Always hunting for fish or clam
A laughing gull is what I am!


  1. I don't know the different kinds of gulls so didn't get this one!
    Very nice photo!!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, not easy telling all the gulls, ducks, warblers, etc. apart. But hopefully you enjoyed giving it a go. Art