Sunday, September 16, 2012

Butterflies and Botanicals

We humans tend to hate insects, the large class of animals that includes flies, mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, Japanese Beetles, and wasps.  Of course, of the million plus species of insects, there are a few that we appreciate and like: lady bird beetles, maybe bees and dragonflies, "fireflies," and butterflies - especially butterflies.  Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens walking through the butterfly exhibit and some of the beautiful plant exhibitions.  I am going to let the photos speak for themselves on a gorgeous early fall day.

This one looks like it has a huge, beautiful eye.  It probably scares potential predators in the wild.
 Butterflies are beautiful, aren't they?

 And sometimes friendly, too!

 This one has such vivid colors.
 This "cottage" looks like a place I could be happy in!
 What a pretty orchid.

 The gardens have lovely landscapes.
 And a beautiful conservatory (where the butterflies and orchids are on display):
 There are boggy areas with cool pitcher plants.
 Aren't we humans fortunate to be blessed with color vision?


  1. Yes, butterflies are so pretty. It is supposed to be good luck when one lands on you. : )
    I love the little cottage. I could picture that on our land in the woods!!
    Looks like you had a perfect day for walking around there.

  2. It is a beautiful garden and I love going there.

  3. that's true I also hate insects but butterflies, dragonflies and some are excluded. Its just they're beautiful and the others bite's, stings and isn't very pleasing to look at.
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  4. Insects can be pretty fascinating, and butterflies are beautiful. But I am surely glad that ants are not the size of a rabbit or something like that. That would be pretty terrifying.