Friday, August 2, 2013

What Am I?

I saw this western animal on both the Donner Lake and the Mount Judah hikes in California last week.  Can you guess it?  It is not an easy one to guess from some verse, that is for sure.

Here is a chance to earn your stripes
Come on, think hard, suppress those gripes

For my bright stripes are really clear
You'll notice them, I say with cheer

So are you thinking smelly skunk?
Guess once again if so you thunk

Here's one important little clue
That I'll give right now to just you,

That just might your answer augment:
I am, in fact, a small rodent

So now is it you guess chipmunk
Instead of black and bright white skunk?

Well, you are indeed getting close
Try once more before I expose

The answer to your inquiring mind
So you may guess if so inclined

Around my neck's a golden hue
And sorry, that's my final clue!

It's like I have a shawl of gold
Quite lovely, if I am so bold

Yeah, I know
this is a tough
one unless you
have seen one
of these guys in
the west
and thought "chipmunk,"
and then looked it up
in a field guide.
Well, scroll
to catch the

Well, the answer I now unfurl:
A cute golden-mantled ground squirrel

One of these little squirrels (and after all, any chipmunk that you see is indeed a squirrel) ran about 1 foot from my boots as I stood admiring the view of Donner Lake from Donner Peak.


  1. I was thinking chipmunk.
    I never heard of this guy before. Are they as small as a chipmunk?

  2. It only lives out west, towards the NW of the country. It is like a big chipmunk, maybe 2 inches longer?