Monday, August 19, 2013

What Am I?

On my kayak outing last week in Michigan, I snapped a photo of this bird in flight.  Can you guess what it is?

Far from water I don't roam
And by a stream I make my home

But if you're thinking I'm a duck
Guess one more time, you're out of luck

I perch in trees by water's edge
By borders of cattails and sedge

I have a quite distinctive call
My rattling sound might you enthrall

My feathers are a bluish-gray
I am quite handsome, I must say!

But little fish with no great love
Would call me winged death from above

For my day is a true winner
If I catch a fish for dinner

Into the water I will dive
To snare a fish is what I strive

Need one last clue? Oh, what the heck!
I have a “belt” around my neck.

clues, don't
you think?
Take a
guess and
to learn
if you
are right!

Belted kingfisher? That’s your choice?
Then whistle, stomp, and raise your voice!

We saw a number of these interesting birds as we kayaked up and down the stream.  We saw them dive into the stream after fish a number of times.  They never seem to tolerate humans, even in a boat, getting very close, and will fly away - usually making their distinctive "rattle" - when one gets too close in their judgement.


  1. Didn't get it. I was thinking a heron but knew that was wrong when I got to the belted neck. That should have given it way but I didn't think of that.

  2. I was hoping that last clue would be the one. :) They are really interesting bird (unless one is a little fish).