Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bodie's Trail, Savage River Lodge

For the second hike up at Savage River Lodge, my wife and I walked the very pleasant "Bodie's Trail," marked in a magenta color on my trail map image here.  The actual trail, named after the lodge owner's beloved dog, Bodie, is blazed in green.  We incorporated a short loop of the Woodcock Trail into our walk, and since we ended up close to our cabin before completing the entire loop, we cut the walk short for a lunch break without completing the loop.  But you can get a good idea of the entire loop from looking at the map referenced above.

Here is the elevation profile, which might be useful for cross-country skiers.  Since we did not complete the entire loop, you can see that the starting and ending elevation are a little different:
We had barely started the walk when we saw this brilliantly colored bracket fungi on a tree.
You can see the green blaze marking Bodie's Trail very well here.  The trail is very well marked and extremely easy to follow.
Since a lot of this area is a state forest, trees have sometimes been planted in very straight rows, like these spruce.
Mother Nature is starting to show off with her colors up in the Maryland mountains.
I am always looking for interesting looking trees, and this one certainly qualifies.
Here is another view of fall's beauty:
We thought this bracket fungi was reminiscent of formations one sees in a cave.  Isn't it cool?
This walk was perhaps the only time we were at Savage River when it was not raining, other than a tiny bit of drizzle at the start.  We thought that the weather was finally turning, and that there would be decent hiking conditions after lunch last Sunday.  We could not have been more wrong!


  1. You saw some interesting fungi there. They sure come in some pretty colors.

  2. Yeah, for sure. I thought the white one that looked like cave formations was so cool!