Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cape May Nature Conservancy Preserve

On the way to Cape May Point State Park last Friday, I passed a sign for a Nature Conservancy migratory bird refuge, and thought "Hmmm! That is worth a visit!"  So last Friday, my brother-in-law and I returned and walked their 1.5 mile loop trail.
The refuge is a mix of open meadowland like this,
and of wetland like this.
There are also two points where one can access the beach (when the endangered plovers are not nesting).
We spied this persimmon tree during our walk.  They didn't look quite ripe yet, but soon enough - maybe even today - raccoons, opossums, and gray foxes will be feasting on persimmons.
Isn't this a lovely way to remember a friend?  So few words, so simple, but right to the heart.  What else could anyone want said about themselves?  Gone at age 50 - I wonder what his story is?  I wonder if friends ever come to this bench and sit there and chat with him from afar?
Swans are such a pretty bird.  We saw a number of them on the hike.
You can see how close this preserve is to the state park with this view of the lighthouse.
I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this large painted turtle in the shallow water.  This seems like a great place for all kinds of wildlife.
I watched this egret concentrate on lunch for a while.  Unlike a lot of egrets, he was not skittish around people.
I think this might be a black duck but am not sure.
We had a great walk there, and saw many more birds not pictured, including some Caspian terns and pintail ducks.


  1. You got some really nice photos there.
    I like the bench sign.
    All around the lake I used to walk were something like 58 benches like this.

  2. Wow, I'd be too tempted to stop walking and just sit with a good book on a nice day.