Thursday, October 10, 2013

Higbee Beach WMA

I've been too busy lately with my Team in Training event, the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon to complete my descriptions of my three Cape May, New Jersey hikes.  But I am finally catching up here, with a short account of my hike at Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area on September 28.

Yes, there really is a beach there, on Delaware Bay.
The trails there are not well marked and often barely distinctive from game trails.  This one is typical, and some were much less distinct than this one was.  My brother-in-law was hiking with me, and I think he got a little nervous at times.  And I saw stars when I ducked to go under a fallen tree, but didn't duck far enough!  But we were never in danger of getting lost.
We ran into two young women with a dog and four very little kids, and they told us roughly how to find a lake.  With that information and my GPS, we headed towards the lake and found is, with high sand dunes all around like this.
It was a really pretty little lake, a gem so near a city.  I wonder how many people vacation in this area and have any idea that such a pretty little lake exists so close by?
 Panoramic view of the lake....
I had really hoped to see migratory birds and other wildlife here, but it was the middle of the afternoon, and other than an egret, there was no other wildlife visible.  We did see this cactus with fruits, which was pretty neat.  And we had another nice walk, maybe about 2.5 miles, in extreme southern New Jersey.

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