Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Am I?

Although I see (and especially hear) these little birds all of the time, I don't usually get a photo of them.  But on Friday's ramble around the Pony Pasture, I was able to capture one in my camera's inner workings, and since they have always been a favorite of mine, I decided to write about it.  Can you guess this one?

Are you prepared right now to start?
My name consists of double parts

The first's the color of my head
But is it black or blue or red?

The second part's the call I make
Come on, think hard; now, stay awake!

I'm state bird of the Pine Tree State
I'm just an ounce or so in weight

I'm gray on wings and on my back
But throat and top of head is black

Upon my head is that a cap?
I must say, I'm a rakish chap!

I make the merriest of calls
It's heard throughout the forest's halls

But should I write down exact call,
The riddle's done; you'll know it all!

My cheeks are snowiest of white
Know me by now? I think you might!

Okay, that's
enough clues
I think that
you know
this one, so
after taking
your guess.

Proclaiming high up from a tree:
I am a Carolina chickadee!

1 comment:

  1. I got that one. They are such cute little birds.